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Hot for cold evenings


Whether you’re alone or with special someone, skip the flowers, resist the chocolate. Look for love under the covers — of a book.

Below is the recommendation for the best titles for long autumn evenings.

Sex in the cities

Professor of the cultural history of erotic art, Hans-Jürgen Dopp has been gathering erotic works of art for more than thirty years. His collection has an international reputation, developed by his numerous publications and exhibitions. This exceptional boxed set compiles three books which explore the material expressions of eroticism throughout three European capitals: Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris. The author also chose to confront themes such as eroticism and pornography, or the erotic photographs of the 19th century. The quality of the selected objects, pictures, prints, and old photographs enables the reader to travel through the exceptional erotic universe of European capitals.

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30 Millennia of Erotic Art

From the thousand-year-old statues celebrating fertility, to the odalisques of the modern painters, erotic art has always held a prominent place in societies, whatever their morals or cultural references. This work assembles one thousand images of erotic art, from all times and all continents, to illustrate how the representation of these pleasures of the flesh testifies to the evolution of different civilisations and their histories. While eroticism abounds today in advertising and in the media, this book offers an exceptional view into the archives of erotic imagery and emphasises the artistic value of these magnificent illustrations of sin.

30 Millennia of Erotic Art-1

30 Millennia of Erotic Art-2Buy this book on Amazon, Itune, Google.

Erotic Photography

Erotic photo art has lost much of its exquisite soul since Playboy and other girlie monthlies repackaged the human body for mass-market consumption. Like much painting, sculpture and engraving, since its beginning photography has also been at the service of eroticism. This collection presents erotic photographs from the beginning of photography until the years just before World War II. It explores the evolution of the genre and its origins in France, and its journey from public distrust to the large audience it enjoys today.

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In Praise of the Backside

Mega Square In Praise of the Backside celebrates the most sensual part of the female body. The insightful text by expert Hans-Jürgen Döpp discusses the backside as a feature that stands for both powerful eroticism and supple femininity, seducing famous artists from every genre. This title is sure to entice and delight a wide audience with its lively, provocative images.

in-the-praise-of-the-backsideBuy this book on Amazon, Itune, Google.

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