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Hitting the Big Four-Zero

For those of you out there currently under the age of 40 – what do you imagine your life to look like upon hitting the big 4-0? For those of you who have so far passed that age (congratulations!), are you where you expected to be at?

If someone were to ask me what my expectations or desires were about how my life would look at forty, I think I can honestly say that I have absolutely no idea. I’m not trying to use an easy cop-out, but I simply know that life has many surprises up its sleeve! For instance, my dreams of marrying Viggo Mortensen have not yet come into reality (hey – have you SEEN Lord of the Rings?! No judging!). However, I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively, and even live and work in a fair few different countries – which is definitely not what my eleven-year-old self would have envisioned for my  twenty-something self.

So, life is unpredictable. It is often strange. It is frequently absurd. It is equally delightful and sorrowful. But I like it. The mystery of what tomorrow will bring, or even what the next twenty years will bring, is something that I am looking forward to discovering. Hey, if life went exactly as planned, that wouldn’t be any fun, right?

Four Seasons

For the forty under-forties artists whose works are currently being displayed at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, I would bet that the majority could not foresee that they would one day have such a prestigious exhibit in their honour. The inspirational, impressive, and innovative work which is being displayed has been created since September 11th, 2001, showing how both the artists and the world around them have evolved since that infamous day.

This made me ponder what my life will be like at 40. My challenge to you: Do something inspirational. Become the next artist under forty to be celebrated at a national gallery. Write the next big hit. Invent the next big invention. Train for the next Olympic Games. Win the next Olympic Games. Or, simply, make somebody smile. Help an old lady cross the road. Teach a child how to ride a bicycle. Big or small, do something that you can look back on when you are forty (or the next big -0 birthday) and be amazed. Go on, I dare you.


Classically simple, beautifully elegant

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Renwick art gallery, these forty artists are being highlighted – with their works focusing on the theme of modern innovation, why not join in the celebration? You’ll need to hurry to catch the finale, as the exhibition “40 under 40” is being held at the Renwick Gallery  only until the 3rd of February (2013). Textiles, fashion, industrial design, futuristic jewellery, and interactive displays await you! If, however, you don’t have quite enough time, why not check out Oscar Lovell Triggs’ work on The Arts and Crafts Movement?

-Fiona Torsch

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