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Every so often, a new trend takes Hollywood by storm, and of course every person must follow suit. I will not deny being impervious to trend-following. Actually, my greatest flaw is not that I follow trends, it’s that I follow them to late, once a new trend has already arrived. At this stage when people are raving about krav maga and cronuts, I am barely beginning yoga and devouring cupcakes.

In honour of my newfound love of yoga, here is a list of my favourite poses:

1. Child’s Pose: this one has rescued me numerous times. Whenever poses become too difficult for me, I just child-pose it out.

New Picture (8)2. Pigeon: I think I like this one mostly for its name. It is a good stretch, with an even better name.

New Picture (9)3. Plank: Just a basic one, but so difficult. After holding this position for one minute, your core will surely throb – but in a good way.

New Picture (10)4. Warrior: This one also worked its way into this list because of the name. But thinking of it, how many warriors actually assume this position? It is not very fearsome, nor is it logical to fight in this stance.

New Picture (11)Although new workout trends continue to arise, yoga is an age-old practice originating from ancient India. For this, the Smithsonian is holding an exhibition, Yoga: The Art of Transformation, running until 26 January. And while you’re getting into a Zen state with all the yoga vibes why not grab a copy of 1000 Buddhas of Genius by Victoria Charles and Klaus H. Carl.


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