Pablo Picasso
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Pablo Picasso
By Victoria Charles & Anatoli Podoksik

The essence of Picasso’s creative genius differs from that usually associated with the notion of “artiste-peintre”, although, as Picasso himself put it, he “led the life of a painter” from very early childhood, and although he expressed himself through the plastic arts for eighty uninterrupted years, it might be more correct to consider him an artist-poet because his lyricism, his psyche, his gift for the metaphoric transformation of reality are no less inherent in his visual art than they are in the mental imagery of a poet. According to Pierre Daix, “Picasso always considered himself a poet who was more prone to express himself through drawings, paintings, and sculptures.”15 There is, however, no doubt that from the outset Picasso was always “a painter among poets, a poet among painters”


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by Eugene Muntz

Raphael has no less passionate than his rivals about seeking the idea, but he was pragmatic enough to make room for reality. Accuracy, the naturalism of pose, the intensity of life, noble phrasing, perceptive psychological understanding; all of these qualities appear to the utmost degree in his portraits.


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Edward Munch
by Ashley Bassie and Elizabeth Ingles

The name of Edvard Munch conjures up, for most people, one irresistibly memorable picture: The Scream, a shriek of stomach-churning terror uttered by a cringing figure with a skull-like face outlined against a fiery, blood-red sunset. This iconic image has come to epitomise the angst embodied in the Expressionism of the late nineteenth century.


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