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Happy Belated 14 July! Bastille Day AND National Nude Day!

Did you know that for many people, July 14th marks a very special day in the calendar? Of course, yes, Bastille Day falls on that day – auspicious event, revolution, storming of the Bastille: paving the way for Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette’s final meeting with the guillotine – however, that is not the event that I am referring to.

Aubade, Leçon n°6.
Aubade, Leçon n°6.

In addition to La Fête Nationale, nudists the world over celebrate the lesser known, or at least lesser-publicised – National Nude Day. Whilst readers in England may not have been aware of this day, our friends on the other side of the pond certainly had their fill of ‘Nude’-related headlines. Halifax, Canada went with the flow a day early with their not-quite related, but well-timed, naked bike ride.

And for the non-news related catchphrases, I just really hope that someone out there seized the opportunity to do a Barney Stinson: “It’s time to Birthday Suit up!” If you find an article or a headline which managed to sneak that in, please let me know!

Nudity is not only reserved for July 14th however, as there is a whole host of people – the world over – who take their kit off for kicks, charity, competitions, and even weddings. This weird and wacky world of public nudity includes all manner of activities, not just lounging on the beach in public in nudist colonies. No, naked rugby, roller-coaster riding, and sledging: these are all legitimate events which have taken place, the requirement being that participants are not burdened with many (if any) clothes!

Is there a correlation between National Nude Day and Bastille Day being held on the same day? Who knows, however, next year, when July 14th rolls around, you can take your pick with what you celebrate. A little revolutionary cheer or a day of just hanging loose? Or, you can really live it up and do both!

Aubade, Leçon n°5.
Aubade, Leçon n°5.

For those of you who missed out on National Nude Day, don’t fret. If you happen to be in Germany before August 25th, be sure not to miss going to the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum für Fotografie. There, you will encounter The Naked Truth and More Besides’: Nude Photography around 1900. If this fails to entice you, why not try The Story of Lingerie, by Muriel Barbier and Shazia Boucher?

-Fiona Torsch

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