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There is no remedy for love but to love more…

“Roses are red
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet
And so are you.”

a love poem and children’s rhyme with Roud Folk Song Index number 19798

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14. It originated as a Christian feast day honoring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine and, through later folk traditions, has become a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many East Asian countries with Singaporeans, Chinese and South Koreans spending the most money on Valentine’s gifts. However, neither roses nor chocolate, the books/ series below are the best gift for your special friend.

erotic art photography

This collection presents erotic photographs from the beginning of photography until the years just before World War II. It explores the evolution of the genre and its origins in France, and its journey from public distrust to the large audience it enjoys today.

This book is available on Amazon, Kobo, Google, Apple, Barnes & Noble.

Sex in the cities series

This series include 3 books:

  • Sex in the Cities Vol 1 (Amsterdam)
  • Sex in the Cities Vol 2 (Berlin)
  • Sex in the Cities Vol 3 (Paris)

The author leads us on a guided tour, supported by a rich and varied iconography. It is accompanied by an academic text which allows the reader to discover this world, never vulgar and always subtle, from when the first man looked at the first woman: eroticism.

This series are available on Amazon, Kobo, Google, Apple, Scribd.

Albrecht Dürer. Selfportrait, 1493, Homosexuality in Art, James Smalls

Homosexuality in Art

This book examines the process of creation and allows one to comprehend the contribution of homosexuality to the evolution of emotional perception. In a time when all barriers have been overcome, this analysis offers a new understanding of our civilisation’s masterpieces.

This book is available on Amazon, Kobo, Google, Apple, Barnes & Noble.

Objects of Desire - The Eroticism of Touch

The beauty and the craftsmanship of these artistic masterpieces bear striking witness to the powers of generation in every culture throughout history. The historian Hans-Jürgen Döpp analyses the complexities of human behaviour and the secret delights of those who own the little treasures featured in this book.

This book is available on Amazon, Kobo, Google, Apple, Scribd.

Parkstone International is an international publishing house specializing in art books. Our books are published in 23 languages and distributed worldwide. In addition to printed material, Parkstone has started distributing its titles in digital format through e-book platforms all over the world as well as through applications for iOS and Android. Our titles include a large range of subjects such as: Religion in Art, Architecture, Asian Art, Fine Arts, Erotic Art, Famous Artists, Fashion, Photography, Art Movements, Art for Children.

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